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Bone And Joint Care

Selected for their skill forward thinking and highest quality of care our team of best orthopedic doctors treat diseases, injuries and deformities of the musk skeletal system and the resulting defects dysfunctionalities and disabilities.

These procedures include knee and hip joint replacement, surgeries on joint and ligaments, foot shoulder hand and spine. Sports medicine where most sports are treated with keyhole arthroscopic surgery enabling early return to their sport.

Excellent returns are seen with surgical treatment of slip disc, fractured vertebrae slipped disc, injuries and instabilities, degenerative and rheumatic changes, congenital abnormalities of the spine. Delicate microsurgeries are performed with great precision and expertise by the expert bone doctors at Wockhardt Hospitals.

Physical Therapy units provide retaliation and pain management to provide recovery in the quickest time frame.

  1. Cutting edge diagnostics and operative facilities
  2. Latest MRI machines deliver premium image quality with digital clarity, speed and expandability.
  3. Advance Bone Mineral Density test
  4. CR systems ensure high quality digital X ray images which can be emailed to the consultant on their smartphones
  5. Dedicated operating suites with dedicated laminar flow theaters and computerized navigation and imaging.

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