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Bone And Joint Care

The bone and joint care super-speciality aim to provide world-class, evidence-based treatment for various Orthopaedic disorders and sports injuries. Orthopaedic surgeons combine their expertise in the areas of patient care, clinical research, and academics in order to provide the highest level of specialized services to our patients to treat the condition from all types of dislocations, bone fracture, cartilage tear, ligament injuries, and tendon tears to chronic joint pain conditions.

The subspecialties within the department include shoulder and knee, arthroscopy, arthroplasty treatment of back pain, and sports injuries and all types of joint surgeries and replacement surgeries.

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated orthopaedic surgeons specialise in the treatment of all types of articular pain due to osteoarthritis, muscle weakness, spinal diseases including spinal disc prolapsed to joint corrective surgeries.

At Wockhardt Hospitals, we have a team of highly skilled and dedicated Orthopaedic Surgeons who have trained extensively in their respective fields are led by some of the senior-most internationally acclaimed joint replacement surgeons with the latest being knee and hip replacement surgeries and resurfacing surgeries.

At Bone and Joint center we are equipped with advanced cutting edge technology, like:

  1. Computer Navigation System
  2. Intra-operative CT scan
  3. High Definition Cameras
  4. Arthroscopic Equipment for performing technically challenging procedures
  5. First of its kind Level One Trauma care
  6. Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery for spinal disorders and deformities like scoliosis causes lower back pain, slip disc, sciatica, and spinal fusion.

Wockhardt Hospitals is the country’s premier hospital specializing in the care of the musculoskeletal system. They benefit from the experience of their professionals providing comprehensive Orthopedic care to their patients. The bone and joint program at Wockhardt Hospitals make it a center for excellence in Orthopedics with highly skilled clinical expertise.

Our Orthopedic Department consists of surgeons with advanced skill sets and abilities that provide the highest quality of care. They can treat various diseases, injuries, and deformities of the musculoskeletal system and the resulting defects, dysfunctions, and disabilities. These include knee and hip joint replacement, surgeries for joints and ligaments, foot, shoulder, hand, and spinal surgery.

Sports medicine, where most sports injuries are treated with key-hole (arthroscopic) surgery enabling an early return to their sport.

The department is premier in bone and joint disorders and offers:

  1. Cutting edge diagnostics and operative facilities
  2. Latest MRI machines deliver premium image quality with digital clarity, speed, and expandability.
  3. Advance Bone Mineral Density test
  4. CR systems ensure high-quality digital X-ray images which can be emailed to the consultant on their smartphones
  5. Dedicated operating suites with dedicated laminar flow theatres and computerized navigation and imaging.
  6. Physical Therapy units provide rehabilitation and pain management to provide recovery in the quickest time frame.

• Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
• Total Hip Replacement (THR)
• Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery
• Sports medicine
• Polytrauma Treatment
• Bone Fracture Surgery
• Frozen Shoulder and Impingement
• Elbow Replacement Surgery
• Wrist Surgeries
• Muscle Weakness and strengthening evaluation and treatment
• Limb Lengthening Surgery
• Orthopedic oncology
• Paediatric Orthopedics
• Orthopedic Rehabilitation Service
• Degenerative conditions: Treatment for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
• Joint Dislocation and Joint Mobilization
• Arthroscopy Knee
• Arthroscopy Shoulder
• Arthroscopy Ankle
• Regenerative Medicine Therapy